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The biggest security concern for most retailers is theft, both from shoplifting and employee. Outside of asset shrinkage, retail stores and shopping centers may also need to worry about vandalism, loitering, accidents, property damage, and liability claims.

At Guardian Integrated Security, we specialize in creating personalized security strategies for retailers so they can effectively and affordably discourage theft and other criminal behavior. For optimal security coverage, we start with an on-site evaluation to locate potential weaknesses in the security of your commercial site and develop a personalized plan to address them. This plan typically involves surveillance equipment recommendations and a layout for where all cameras, motion sensors, and loudspeakers should be installed. Our security cameras record footage at your site 24 hours a day and can be viewed remotely by guards at our command center or your authorized personnel.

Live remote monitoring is most effective at protecting your inventory and property after all staff and customers have left. This makes it easier for our guards to catch suspicious movement and activity at your site. Our guard will review the footage in real time and use two-way loudspeakers to communicate with any suspicious individuals. Typically, most criminals move on once they learn that they are being observed and recorded. If they don’t, we immediately notify the local police and share any relevant surveillance footage.