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We have access to a wide array of state-of-the-art surveillance equipment in order to accommodate nearly any need. Our security cameras can come with any of the following advanced functions:
High-Resolution Zoom Capabilities
True Night/Day Clarity
Infrared (IR) Night Vision
Facial Recognition
License Plate Recognition
Two-Way Audio Communication

Physical on-site guards are important for providing protection when people are present; however, virtual guard services can provide a better security solution for the property when the site is vacated. While an on-site security guard can only monitor one area at a time, our virtual guarding systems makes it possible to monitor multiple areas at once. A member of the Guardian Integrated Security management team will install security cameras where they will offer maximum visibility and effectiveness, such as along facility perimeters, in parking lots/garages, at entry/exit points, in lobbies, and near ATM machines. These security cameras are equipped with sensitive motion detectors that alert one of the guards in our Command Center when there’s unusual movement or activity. Our guard will review the footage in real time and use two-way loudspeakers to communicate with any suspicious individuals. In most cases, we’re able to deter criminals once they learn that they are being observed and recorded. When necessary, our guard will notify law enforcement. Because we have direct lines to local police and can supply captured video camera footage, we’re often able to facilitate faster police dispatch and a higher likelihood of catching the suspect.