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Our virtual guarding solutions are becoming popular among cannabis businesses because we help them maximize their security budgets. That’s because we keep their employees, customers, inventory, and property safe and secure for a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site security guard services. While an on-site security guard can only observe one location at a time, we’re able to essentially turn every video camera into a “virtual guard.” We use high-resolution, motion-detecting security cameras equipped with advanced features, like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and night vision. When a motion sensor is tripped, the appropriate video camera screen pops up in front of our guard to investigate. Using two-way audio, our guard can notify the intruder that they are being recorded. The visible presence of security cameras and verbal warnings are enough to discourage most criminals. If not, we will alert the police and share any video footage of the intruder and/or criminal activity with them. Having verifiable evidence improves the likelihood of being able to catch the suspect(s) and hold them accountable in a court of law.