Protect Your Property and Your Tenants

Protect Your Property and Your Tenants

As home prices continue to rise, more and more people are looking for apartments as an affordable solution for housing. With that said, apartment owners and managers are competing to find not only affordable, nice apartments, but also safe ones for their existing and future tenants.

As home prices rise and the eviction moratorium ends, most states are seeing a quick uptick in crime and aggressive homeless activity. We at Guardian Integrated Security know from experience that our customizable solutions can help properties with apartments stay more safe and secure.

While we have numerous possibilities and configurations for your security needs at our disposal, some companies offer just a single, cookie-cutter option because that’s all they have. We specialize in multiple layers of protection for each apartment. Meet with us and we will listen intently to your concerns and develop a plan with you that is right for your facility.

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The Best Protection You Can Get

Guardian Integrated Security is proud to serve apartment communities, complexes, and other rental properties throughout the Los Angeles area, southern California, and beyond with a variety of options for their security needs. Your exact location and the information we gather from meeting with you, together with the knowledge we have acquired during many years of providing the best, most reliable security services, will determine which of our state-of-the-art components will be utilized for your property (or properties).

The Best Protection You Can Get

Fixed camera installation – We are able to identify your areas of needs (often there are several) and set up a system that protects your facility, both outer and inner areas). Our vast experience allows us to focus on points of concern, such as access to garages, stairwells, window perimeters, entrances and exits, security gates, and pools. Not only will this level of protection help secure your property and tenants, but it may also result in an insurance savings for your company.

Remote monitoring – For pennies on the dollar, we can remote monitor the cameras we install that are looking at these points of concern. With a security solution from us, the days are gone of just recording an event and watching it after it has happened when nothing can be done to intervene and probably put an end to a potential threat before it manifests into a crime.

By using Artificial Intelligence, we can pick up on events as they are unfolding in real time. Think of every camera being monitored as a standing security officer, because we are always watching. Many times, all it takes to end a potentially dangerous or destructive situation is our staff notifying an intruder through our interactive speakers that they are being monitored live and the police have been called. In addition to calling for law enforcement to be dispatched, we will also notify whomever you wish during the event and assist the police when they arrive on the scene.

Security Officers – Our highly-trained, state-certified security officers guarding your apartment or apartments are often all it takes to be a deterrent, but they can also be utilized in conjunction with live monitored cameras. In places where police response times are slower than you’d like, it is nice and offers peace of mind to have your own individual, who is dedicated to keeping your property safe, on site at all times. These security officers can also save you money by completing items like fire extinguisher checks, ensuring that all lights are working properly (and notifying you promptly of those that are not), checking-in delivered packages, and other similar security-related tasks

Mobile Patrol – Our law enforcement-looking vehicles will patrol your property 2 to 3 times a night 7 days a week. This is an affordable solution for a visible deterrent.

As you can see from all of the listed options above, we at GIS put together a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your facility. Especially when it comes to keeping your apartment property or properties secure, it’s important to remember if what you are paying for does not work it is money wasted. Invest in an integrated security solution that is designed just for your needs from an experienced, knowledgeable provider, and your money will be well spent.

National Security Officer Appreciation Week

National Security Officer Appreciation Week

On behalf of and together with our clients, Guardian Integrated Security would like to express gratitude, thanks, appreciation, and respect to not only our own security officers, but to all of the men and women across America who have chosen this profession.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates about 1.06 million were employed as security officers in 2020, and that number is expected to grow to just over 1.2 million by 2030. Watchmen were the security officers of the Middle Ages in Europe, and were charged with keeping an eye on both valuables and the countryside. If they saw what appeared to be an opposing force getting ready to attack, it was their job to track the enemy’s movements and report what they saw.

Every year, National Security Officer Appreciation Week is celebrated the third week in September. This year, it was the 12th – 18th, and while we are happy there is an official time to recognize them, we make sure to let our security officers know as often as possible how much both we and our clients value the commitment and dedication they show in their work.

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Get A Free Threat Assessment

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