Industrial Vehicle Patrol Service

Industrial Vehicle Patrol Services

Marked Security Patrol Cars at Industrial Sites Keep Intruders at Bay

Consider investing in patrol car checks if your industrial site has troublesome locals or is in a dangerous zone. Our consultants will happily talk with you, listen to your concerns, and work with you to create a preventive plan for your vehicle patrol needs. A security guard from Guardian Integrated Security is sent to your location in a marked car to walk around the property and meticulously record any suspicious activity. Our security guard will try to solve any issues before calling the authorities if they arise. No matter what happens, our security guard will create and submit a thorough report.

Marked patrol cars making frequent, sporadic stops at industrial sites will deter most illegal activities because the criminals won’t know when the next patrol check will occur. If our security guard observes any suspicious activity while on patrol, they will photograph it and send it to you, so you have a record of it. If the problems persist, our security consultants will discuss possibly employing a Guardian Integrated Security on-site security guard with you. Mobile vehicle patrol is a valuable alternative to standing guard when neither necessary nor practical. Mobile patrol checks can be done irregularly or frequently.


The Guardian Integrated Way


We will determine how to best monitor and secure your site by providing an on-site assessment.


Install all video surveillance cameras, 2-way audio speakers and link them to our state-of-the-art artificially intelligent command and monitoring center.


Our fully trained and experienced security experts will monitor your camera footage using remote guarding solutions.


Verify the security threat using artificial intelligence. Engage the trespasser via live 2-way audio, dispatch vehicle patrol, plus alert local law enforcement for a response.

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24/7 Vehicle Security Patrols for Industrial Site Protection

With the help of our patrol services, we will reduce burglaries, vandalism, and other crimes against your property drastically. We mitigate these risks by committing to bridging the gap between neighborhood law enforcement and security services by providing targeted vehicle security patrols. In addition to that, all patrol cars have sophisticated critical tracking systems, two-way radios, cell phones, light bars, clear, visible signage, and GPS tracking.

Our patrol officers drive state-of-the-art cars and utilize cutting-edge reporting tools while donning uniforms. Guardian Integrated Security provides all traffic and parking enforcement, on-site property patrol services, patrols of construction and development sites, and patrols of industrial properties. Call us immediately for a consultation and evaluation to hire vehicle patrols for your industrial site!

Enhanced Protection For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional

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