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CCTV Systems for Industrial Security

Guardian Integrated Security understands the security threats that industrial spaces face every day. There is always the possibility of inventory shrinkage, shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism, and receipt counterfeiting that can harm your business. When owning an industrial property, there are many options Guardian offers that you can choose from as far as security solutions go: hybrid security guards, virtual guarding, security guard services, storage & transportation, vehicle patrol, and many others.

The most common reason for installing industrial surveillance systems is to deter theft and vandalism. We offer the most advanced A.I. solutions available today, including facial recognition, loitering, vehicle detection, people counting, hard hats, fire and weapon detection.

Due to changing outdoor environments or low megapixel capabilities, industrial security solutions in the past provided nearly useless imaging information. Our high-end video monitoring systems use advanced A.I. analytics with intelligent video detection that is discrete, simple to use, and seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures to enable real-time and multi-location remote guarding and CCTV monitoring.

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