Why Guardian3 Security Trailers and RoboGuard Units Are Being Used to Protect Construction Sites Throughout Southern California

Many Southern California contractors and managers are now choosing Guardian3TM Security Trailers and RoboGuardTM units to protect their construction sites as a cost-effective alternative to physical security guards. These innovative security solutions from Guardian Integrated Security (GIS) significantly lower costs by reducing the risk of vandalism, machinery theft, trespassing, loitering, and fraudulent workers’ comp claims, all of which can drive up insurance premiums and liability claims. Highly adaptable to a wide range of terrains, they can be moved to accommodate different phases of construction, and can be strategically placed to protect your site’s most vulnerable access points, expensive equipment, machinery, and materials.

How AI Camera Security Is Revolutionizing Virtual Security Services

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology saw a record boom in 2021, with far-reaching advancements in the fields of medicine, space exploration, manufacturing, navigation, agriculture, and more. Now, leading A.I. security companies throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fernando, and Orange County are also utilizing A.I. camera security and intelligent software that integrates with IP network camera systems. These advanced A.I. security camera systems not only detect suspicious activity in real-time, allowing security teams to respond immediately to any potential threats, but also reduce overall security costs and cut down on false alarms.